Loren H. Kroll, LLC is a general practice firm concentrating in the areas of matrimonial and family law (including collaborative divorce), trusts and estate planning, residential real estate, and small commercial litigation. We have over 38 years experience providing our clients with informed, efficient service in a professional manner.


  1. Prenuptial Agreements
  2. Divorce: Contested or Uncontested
  3. Separation Agreements
  4. Child Support
  5. Child Custody
  6. Visitation
  7. Spousal Maintenance
  8. Paternity
  9. Collaborative Law

We represent clients in all phases of matrimonial and family law, from the preparation of prenuptial agreements through and including obtaining a judgment of divorce. The firm is dedicated to protecting your rights and advocating on your behalf throughout your matrimonial/family law matter. We recognize that each case involves a unique set of important and sensitive considerations ranging from child custody, visitation and support, to maintenance, equitable distribution and the protection of marital assets.

Regardless of the issues and complexities involved, we possesses the requisite experience and resources necessary to effectively represent you. Over half of our practice is dedicated to matrimonial and family law, and we regularly practice in the New York State Supreme and Family Courts. When necessary we consult with highly regarded experts in the fields of psychology, accounting and actuarial science. While we will make every attempt to negotiate an amicable settlement on your behalf, we are at home in the courtroom and remain fully prepared to utilize the courts to guard your rights.


We also engage in a relatively recent innovative technique employed in settling divorce disputes. Collaborate Law is a practice area where attorneys for both parties in a divorce dispute agree to assist in resolving conflict based upon cooperation rather than adversarial contact and litigation. Our emphasis in collaborate law is to find a way to work in a cooperative manner to reach a satisfactory divorce settlement for our clients. In doing so, we utilize the method of four way settlement conferences during which the parties and their collaborative lawyers meet to work on a personalized settlement to meet the parties' particularized needs and circumstances. We believe in this collaborative approach, as it is frequently less costly and time consuming, and a process in which a peaceful settlement can be reached without the confines of the courtroom. In the event that no settlement can be reached through the collaborative-law approach, the collaborative lawyers must withdraw and the parties must retain trial attorneys to pursue a traditional divorce. Hence, it is in the best interest of all parties involved to make the collaborative law process as efficient, peaceful and productive as possible.


  1. Estate Planning/Wills
  2. Trusts
  3. Prenuptial Agreements
  4. Probate
  5. Health Care Directives
  6. Powers of Attorney
  7. Living Trusts
  8. Guardianships of Adults or Minors
  9. Cohabitation Agreements
  10. Charitable Giving

We will assist you in planning for your future and for how you wish your assets to be distributed upon your death. We will demonstrate how your will is a method for you to address the changing circumstances of your life, and how it should be reviewed periodically as your life circumstances change. Young families are usually most interested in providing for the surviving spouse and young children. As the children grow into adults and complete their education, the husband and wife may wish to utilize more complex financial planning tools to protect their assets from potential estate taxes. Individuals may wish to provide special provisions for non-family members, exclude certain family members, or leave a significant portion of their estate to a specific charity. We will be able to tailor an estate plan to deal with whatever unique circumstances and concerns you may have.


  1. Traffic Offenses
  2. DWI and DWAI
  3. Drug Offenses
  4. Trespass
  5. Assaults
  6. Juvenile Crimes
  7. Theft Offenses
  8. Other Misdemeanor Level Offenses


  1. Residential Purchases and Sales
  2. Homes, Condominiums, Cooperative Apartments
  3. New Construction
  4. Planning, Zoning Boards, Variances

We have over thirty eight years experience representing purchasers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate in the Greater Rochester area and in upstate New York. We can assist you in every phase of the negotiation of the contract of sale and the examination of title, and work directly with various municipalities regarding specific requirements or questions which may arise upon the transfer of title. For purchasers, we will also review all financing requirements and work with your mortgage lender to ensure a smooth closing. Our servicesalso include negotiation and preparation of lease agreements; representation of lenders and borrowers regarding loans secured by real property; commercial and residential closings; land use and zoning; title examination and insurance.


  1. Formation of a Legal Entity
  2. Buying or Selling a Business
  3. Contracts and Leases
  4. Business Transactions
  5. Small Commercial Litigation
  6. Debt Collection
  7. Member/shareholder Agreements
  8. Secured Interests

Our commercial practice is dedicated to the needs of the closely held corporations partnerships and Limited Liability Companies. In addition to the formation of these entities, we have extensive experience in the negotiation and drafting of shareholder agreements, employment agreements, non-compete agreements and termination agreements. We have represented both buyers and sellers of businesses and have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in commercial litigation in New York State Courts.


  1. Auto Accidents
  2. Slip and Falls
  3. Wrongful Death

We pursue claims for injured clients in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. We offer experience in the personal injury field and are highly qualified to investigate and analyze your case to assist you in recovering fair compensation for your serious injury claims.

Loren H. Kroll, a graduate of Syracuse University and Brooklyn Law School, has been practicing law for over 43 years.

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Loren H. Kroll, LLC is a general practice firm providing our clients with informed, efficient service in a professional manner.

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